Shark 6 & 2nd Birthday!


Having two boys with very similar birth dates November 2nd and 5,  I am doing joint birthday parties until they have separate friend groups for as long as I can! This year they decided to have a pool party, we did shark theme which seemed very fitting.

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I received this Balloon Garland from Junibel Inc, These balloon garland is absolutely genius. This makes the perfect photo wall, super easy, blow the balloons up and place into the balloon tape and everything you need comes in her kits. I think that balloons really tied in the shark underwater theme. The kids absolutely loved it and I think gave it the pop it needed!



We got shark/ ocean theme cookies. Paradise Sugar Shoppe, is amazing! She is so nice, very great to work with and does and amazing job! I may or may not have waited to bring the cookies out for all the adults to enjoy, they were a total hit! I would highly recommend, if you are looking for not only amazing detail but amazing taste she is the shop to buy from! I cant say enough good things.

My friend Shelby who is very crafty always makes the boys banners, she always steps up to the plate to help get that Pinterest look we all go for!

If your like us and have birthdays in November especially living in Maine having and outside birthday is not possible. Especially having a larger party in home for us in not possible. A hotel pool party was the perfect location. We had the banquet room for food, cake and ice cream and then there was the pool and hot tub to get energy out and be able to play and do whatever you wanted. I would highly suggest if your looking for a fun birthday party, a pool party is just that!



As a child I can remember spending the weekend in New Hampshire and going to Storyland. There was so much to do the rides were thrilling and I loved everything they had to offer. Now being on the other end as a parent it is still just as fun!

Their is fun attractions for all ages. If you want to take a ride around the whole park jump on the train, if you are ready for a thrilling rollar coaster Roar-O-Saurus is that place to be, but don’t forget about the Polar Coaster that was my oldest sons favorite! There is a Nursey Rhyme area, with a beautiful tree playground, storybook animals, a mining area, tons of games, antique cars, and lots of all age friendly rides and activites. We always start the day with making our drivers license, what child doesn’t want a drivers license with their picture on it! They then can show there license while they drive the antique cars, I love also looking back at them with a picture and the year and see how much they have grown.


If your looking to cool off Splash battle is the place to go, believe me you will not leave dry. Kaiden loved soaking everyone from the side, even if your not on the ride and your close enough beaware it is wet! Smiles all around from the people watching and from the kids who are getting you wet. You can see the excitment as people are getting soaked and drying to dodge the water. If your looking for a more laid back splash area the Sprayground has a neat submarine that my boys love running around in, there is controls inside and little coral that spray out randomly soak you! If you like a little thrill the Bamboo Chute log flume was a total hit. A nice thrilling ride that you can cool off.


My almost 2 year old was obsessed with the loopy lab, he would have spent all day in this if I let him. Balls are flying around you can suck them up and watch them fly into the air, my oldest Kaiden thought it was hilarious when he would aim down and hit his brother and myself.

My youngest was to small to ride the Dr. Geyser’s raft ride so there is a “Mini-Geysers” splash pad that was a total hit. We ended our day with this and I couldn’t get them away from it. They were soaked with a huge smile.


If you are looking for a day filled with adventures, Storyland is a must. They have so many activities that are for all ages so dont worry about your children being to little. I have been going here for years and believe this can be a place where all ages can have a good time. Being a parent it is so rewarding to go to a place where your children truly have fun the whole time. There was no dull moment, they had smiles the whole day. I am thankful I got to experience the joy with them and all the Storyland had to offer, we of course will be returning next year!


We were gifted tickets to Storyland to share our expereince and I would highly recommend Storyland as a must do in your summer activites. Please feel free to reach out if you have questions in regards to Storyland.







969673ED-E0E4-463A-9847-31609C894F10.jpegBathing suits, that word in itself can bring so many emotions, for yourself or for your children. When I found SwimZip I was so impressed with there patterns alone.  For some, if your like me, they have MATCHING suits! The boys have similar patterns with the sharks, but they have so many styles where your whole family can match, and I so need to get a matching set for the boys and I this summer!

SwimZip when designing these suits surely knew what they were doing! They totally made my life easier with ONE feature alone on there rash guard. Have you ever listened to your child scream trying to take off there wet suctioned bathing suit off there head? I can hear the screams in my use to be a nightmare and a constant battle! Look no more SwimZip design comes with a full length zipper to easily take off the rash guard top. No more struggling with wet bathing suits, for me that was a win in itself. The rash guard has a zipper garage to prevent chaffing, and has a zipper flap to prevent pinching, and no neck tag, I know in my home we are constantly cutting off tags so with these suits there is no rubbing and  no tag!


These suits are perfect for your everyday pool day, lake or beach day, there are designed with UPF 50+ sun protective fabric blocks 98% of UVA and UVB Rays with the suit being wet or dry. I know I am constantly trying to remember to reapply sunblock but with these suits that are already helping protect your childs senstive skins so no need for sunblock underneath the covered suit, so you can enjoy your day with less hassle!

SwimZip swimwear is very high quality, they are so soft and also stretchy making the perfect combination. The waist has a drawstring to easily adjust for size. What I love about these suits is that they are constantly protecting my child. SwimZips built in sun protection blocks 98% of all UVA and UVB cancer causing rays which is so important.

Protecting my kids from the harmful rays is so important especially living in Maine, we spend most summer days on the water so finding SwimZip was such a blessing! I am so amazed with the quality, the comfort and the thought and efforts put behind this swimwear. With the protection, zipper, comfortable material and amazing patterns. I can feel reassured that there sun protection suits are helping during our fun filled days in the sun!


I received these bathing suits for my honest review, and I honestly wish I knew about them sooner, check out there amazing features and patterns they have at SwimZip .

I PROMISE you wont be disappointed!


Xo, Kristi

Ameriwood furniture


Ameriwood has done it again! This amazing furniture is elegant, durable and stylish. They have so many amazing options that would make perfect additions in any room you are looking to upgrade!


We have been in the process of upgrading Logan’s room to a “big boy” room. Of course we needed a bed frame and I fell in love with the crescent point twin bed. The color is perfect, I love the darkness of this piece as it has the ability to match with anything. His walls are currently white but when he decides as he grows what color it will match with any color.



This Cassidy Toy Chest is a must. This piece is very durable which is so important especially with the amount of toys we have. This piece is big enough for all of the toys that were in the living room and has really helped to declutter our living room. The living room now looks more ” put together ” with a beautiful toy chest.


My favorite part about Ameriwood, it is delievered straight to my door, easy to assemble and it’s furniture that will last a very long time.  I recieved this furniture for free in return for my honest review and I would highly recommend their furniture. If your looking for elegant, durable, appealing Ameriwood is the place to shop!

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Xo, Kristi

Chicco Nextfit Zip


When having a baby a lot of things come into play but a big thing for me is car seat safety. I want to know if something were to happen while driving my child is in a seat that is going to protect him. We fell in love with Chicco 5 years ago when we bought our first car seat for our oldest. A lot of research had gone behind finding a car seat that was going to be safest for my baby. With our youngest Logan there was no doubt that we would be using Chicco again! Chicco has come out with the amazing nextfit zip convertible car seat.  This car seat is the #1-rated car seat in America! Usage starts as early as a newborn- Rear facing 5-40lbs and forward facing 22-65lbs.



The nexfit zip has amazing qualities, yes I said it zip! Kids are SO dirty that having the option to zip off the cover is a must. We did not have that option for my oldest and so wish we had! The amount of food under the car seat cover is crazy, and gross. Being able to easily unzip and wash is the best invention. Before having kids I would have never thought having that option was necessary but believe me it is!



Chiccos nextfit zip is  built for superior protection, and the easiest car seat I have ever installed.  The harness also features a one-pull tightener which makes tightening the straps so much easier, there is also a release button that you pull to loosen the straps, talk about convenient. The head rest can raise and the shoulder straps are able to adjust, this car seat has the ability to grow with your child making it realistic, and affordable when your only have to buy one car seat.



I have a ford explorer and it fits in my SUV perfect. I love the feature of being able to have it rear facing which is the way we use for my son right now, but also being able to forward face him when that time comes. It is so worth it especially the amount of years your child is in a car seat.


Left is rear facing, right is my oldest forward facing

The padding is thick for comfort, it has 9 reclining positions and a bubble level-indicators verify correct seat angle for rear and forward facing. Not only does it have amazing features but its appealing also.




Being a parent is so rewarding, watching them grow,  seeing them smile for the first time, rolling over sitting up and hitting every single milestone. Knowing I can help keep my child safe is so reassuring that is why I chose Chicco, I know my child’s car seat is safe and reliable. I receive our chicco nextfit zip in exchange for my honest review and would HIGHLY recommend this to every parent out there, if you are in need of a car seat look no further because it has every feature you could need in a car seat.



xo, Kristi

Delta Children Memory Foam Mattress

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We are redoing my youngest room turning it into a big boy room, so that means getting rid of the crib and getting a toddler twin bed. I have been on the hunt for the perfect mattress. A good night sleep can make a world of difference with kids and myself. Sleep is good for the mind, body and soul. When my kids don’t get enough sleep or good sleep they can be bears and makes for a long day! So for me sleep is one of the most precious important things. You just feel good when you sleep well, so here’s to finding a mattress that fits all of my needs, with comfort, durability, quality and price.



We received our mattress from Delta Children. We chose the 6″ memory foam beauty sleep mattress. Lets talk about convenience, this beauty was delivered straight to my door. I did not have to take the kids with me to search for the perfect mattress, it just showed up on my steps! There was not trying to figure out how I was going to get it home.

The bed comes in a box wrapped in plastic. I had to open the plastic and let the bed rise, so easy and SO convenient. Why would anyone want to bed shop and go through the hassle of finding a way to bring it home, not only that but you need more than one person. With this bed I was able to have my 5 year old help me take the bed out of the box.


When choosing a mattress you think of a lot of things but the type of bed is major for me. Memory foam is amazing, it helps spinal alignment and gives more pressure relief throughout the body, I am so jealous of this bed. This bed molds to your body evenly distributing weight and responding to pressure. It also returns to its original shape when you get off the bed. What I really love is not like normal beds there is very little noise while moving in the bed or movement of the bed itself. My youngest still needs me to get him to sleep and he is a light sleeper, so this has been perfect as I am helping him get to sleep when I need to sneak away the bed is not making tons of noise or moving as I’m getting off.

If you are in the market for a mattress I would highly recommend Delta Children’s memory foam mattress! It’s like sleeping on cloud 9, so if your looking for better sleep this is the mattress for you! Often times I find myself not wanting to leave his bed, 1 because I love his cuddles but 2 because it is so comfortable and the bed adjusts to my body. Stay tuned as they are going to be launching some amazing new beds towards the end of the year, I will also be sharing Logan’s room when we are done upgrading!


Xo, Kristi


Party’n with Plants


I stumbled across Party’n with plants while scrolling through Instagram. Party’n with plants is a whole kit, it comes with everything you need to make your own garden. You pour the dirt, add the rocks, grass dirt and moss wherever you want. I love that there is no specific instructions. I mean what 5 year old wants to follow instructions?


I am a strong believer in kids needing balance. Balance in general but especially limiting the time they have on screen time. More often I find my oldest asking for the phone so he can play a game or watch youtube videos. I of course understand him wanting to do these things as I find myself on the phone a lot to, but I want to make sure he is also getting the time to explore, create and have fun not attached to a phone.

We received the Safari Garden Kit  Kaidens face light up and his imagination and creativity truly shined in these moments. He was so excited and proud of himself for making a safari. As he poured the blue rocks for the ocean and strategically placed the shells and alligator inside, while making a “cave” for his gorilla. I loved watching him use his imagination and make it his own.


We received our Safari Garden kit in exchange for my honest review, and I would highly recommend. We got to spend quality time making Kaiden’s own safari however he wanted which I think was my favorite part, watching your child build something how they wanted, and seeing the outcome was amazing! He was so excited to show his dad when he got home, he didn’t only have fun but he was proud of the work that he did.


Xo, Kristi