Joint Sports Birthday Party



Having babies, almost 4 years apart, I thought would be a horrible gap, but Kaiden is SOO good with Logan. There birthdays are November 2nd and 5th, so we will be doing joint birthday parties until there friend group changes!


So here is some MUST HAVES for your Sport Theme Birthday!

  1. Invitations
  2. Personalized Shirts
  3. Piñatas
  4. Banners
  5. Cookies
  6. Good food
  7. Fun games
  8. Bounce house


We got these amazing invitations made on Etsy, she had this costume made in less than 24hours.BE7B24F9-7A45-4D43-BDF1-D66C61207EFC.jpeg






The boys had matching baseball shirts that said ONE and FIVE with there name and number on the back. They were a huge hit, and matched perfectly with there theme! I think personalized shirts are perfect for any birthday/ event!

At any age, who doesn’t love a Piñata!? We had a costume made football piñata , They had two options a pull string, which means every kid gets a string and they have to pull it at the same time and the candy comes out, or the classic hit the piñata. I knew for my son he would be upset if he wasn’t the one to hit the piñata and the candy came out. So for his party we did the pull string, each kiddo got a string and they were so excited and everyone got some candy!

The kids had an absolute blast and would highly recommend the pull string option as every child was involved when the candy came out.


Banners, lets talk banners.. Banners help make a party, its the first things that people see and give character to a party, I worked with some awesome shops.

A football banner with the boys names- football as my oldest started football this year and that has become his favorite sport.



For my youngest we had a football ONE high chair banner


For Logan’s pictures we got him a first birthday banner displaying the months from NB-12 month.



My friend Shelby made the Hall of Fame and Concession stand banner.

We made little signs to go on the food, basketballs, footballs, Super Bowl rings, penalty flags, making it fun for the kids.


These Amazing Cookies by Paradise Sugar Shoppe They are an online bakery specializing in custom sugar cookies! We live in Maine and she is out of New York. We Received our cookies on a Wednesday and still they were very fresh and tasted delicious on Sunday. The cookies were pact very well, not one cookie was broken. I love how this company ships, taste delicious and was so wonderful to work with, and there work is so beautiful! My boys turned 1 and 5 so these were perfect and they love all sports!


One of the biggest hits at the party was A bounce house.. this was the perfect addition to keep the kids busy and entertained!  Picasso Tiles has an awesome bounce house that is also a ball pit and rated up to 200lbs.


The boys had such a blast celebrating, we worked with some amazing shops! I added there links to be able to easily shop!


Xo, Kristi



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