Party’n with Plants


I stumbled across Party’n with plants while scrolling through Instagram. Party’n with plants is a whole kit, it comes with everything you need to make your own garden. You pour the dirt, add the rocks, grass dirt and moss wherever you want. I love that there is no specific instructions. I mean what 5 year old wants to follow instructions?


I am a strong believer in kids needing balance. Balance in general but especially limiting the time they have on screen time. More often I find my oldest asking for the phone so he can play a game or watch youtube videos. I of course understand him wanting to do these things as I find myself on the phone a lot to, but I want to make sure he is also getting the time to explore, create and have fun not attached to a phone.

We received the Safari Garden Kit  Kaidens face light up and his imagination and creativity truly shined in these moments. He was so excited and proud of himself for making a safari. As he poured the blue rocks for the ocean and strategically placed the shells and alligator inside, while making a “cave” for his gorilla. I loved watching him use his imagination and make it his own.


We received our Safari Garden kit in exchange for my honest review, and I would highly recommend. We got to spend quality time making Kaiden’s own safari however he wanted which I think was my favorite part, watching your child build something how they wanted, and seeing the outcome was amazing! He was so excited to show his dad when he got home, he didn’t only have fun but he was proud of the work that he did.


Xo, Kristi



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